It is all around us
in everything we perceive
the echo of a choice
made deep within
Yet the Tribe of the Mad
do nothing else but run in vicious circles
in the midst of the echoes
fixing, chasing, fearing, attacking
but never truly looking
the choice they cherish within
even when it is all around them
all of the time

Originally, a one strange decision
was made
– a rather mad decision in fact –
things got completely out of hand
and here we are
Now the only game in town
is to allow that decision to be undone
to choose again

The situation is simply this:
what is not love
is murder
and please do not believe
you haven’t already chosen
that you are standing on a
no man’s land between the two
pondering what’s going on
and what to do
There is no such place
and you know what to do:
what is not love
is a cry for love
so love

Hi, I’m tomas.vapaataival

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