A choice was made long ago
right now
between what is
and what we wished to be
The consequences of that choice
echo all around us
and what we see and feel
is what we chose to be

Reflections of reflections
is our new home
our hiding place from the original
fear, quilt and loneliness
our choice to separate brought along
It is this place around us
where we came to forget
to escape
to get back what we believed
was forever lost

The will of the dreamer,
the archetypes and frequencies
and the hero of the dream
in the middle of a whole wide world
none of it truly matters
There is a new choice to make
here and now
and the worlds and layers and heroes
do nothing else but spin around that choice
and the Voice within
who is constantly reminding us
in every possible way
to choose again and remember what we are
is there with us
it is there with us
it is us

Hi, I’m tomas.vapaataival

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