Broadcast in Real Time
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Myriad fragments of a mirrorour preferred way to seein an endless echo chamberso loudeven earless become deafThe invisible chandelierswings aboveour guiding lightmade of swords ready to dropanytime nowanytime The tribe has gatheredto a mirage desertthe black sun in our heartsshines … Read More


KYY JA SEURAUS Kirjoituksia, juttuja, proosarunoja (pdf -tiedosto). Neljä runosarjaa pdf -tiedostoina. Jokaisen sarjan jokainen runo on kuvitettu. Lisäksi runoista löytyy demo -äänitteitä täältä.

The Ghost Town
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The ghost towncovered in smokemade of mirrorslocated beneath the unlucky starsDeluded space cowboys walk in circlesin the main squareshooting randomly everything at their sightChildren are shouting at the edge of the townor maybe they are screamingsince the parasites haven’t been … Read More

Memento Mori
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The remembrance of death came at noonon an overcast daywithout any kind of disguiseBirds kept on singingshadows on the street did not waverbut kept on dancingand time did not stood stillYet it had arrived This was not the kind of … Read More

The Death of Eve
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Eve died to a malicious feeling that nightThe trees around the house did not weep for herand neither did IAn imaginary constellation descended from the skiesto lighten up the work of the gravediggers in the backyardThey wanted to put Eve … Read More

The Mad Butcherer
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The mad butchererwas on the loosetaking down everyone I knewone by oneruthlesslyFear walked in front of himblood behind himand no matter how fast we ranhe would find usand take us downone by oneruthlessly We invited him withinand now he rages … Read More

The Ropewalker
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Everyone is doing their parthigher and lower holds no value at allThe rope that leads the traveleris just one ropeamong millions of others Ten thousand things pays witnessto the tiny part who cannot but walk onand the silent seerwho is … Read More

The Shooting Star
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The Northern Star shot mewithout warningIt was a headshotwith a ray of ectoplasma starry night drive by shootingand when the ray hit meI began to dance The Moon was watching the scenedistantlyShe had seen all thismany times beforeand just shook … Read More